MayflowerThe Mayflower Shop has been a staple in the Chatham community since 1885 and was the place to go to for newspapers/magazines, gifts, souvenirs and stationary. When new owners bought the shop in 2011, we had a great respect for the shop’s history and worked to incorporate some of the fundamental elements in what is the store today.

The new and updated Mayflower is the home of unique and distinctive treasures and finds and a warmth you won’t find anywhere else. The largest addition is our home decor section–a central feature of the store. For home decor, we source from a number of local and national designers and artisans to bring the most distinct and exclusive pieces possible to Mayflower customers. And, we often commission these vendors to make pieces that are exclusive to The Mayflower.

We’ve also turned the stationary section of The Mayflower into the most unique card shop in Cape Cod! We have cards for every occasion, including some just for fun, and a good laugh. We’ve also expanded the hobbies section to bring some retro and current toys to children that you won’t find anywhere else on Cape Cod.

The new Mayflower is a place where when you walk in the door, it feels like home. We love the products we carry, and hope you love them as well.